enLink Range

About enLink

enLink is a new range of LoRa long range wireless devices developed by Synetica to make it easy to get environmental, asset, air quality and energy data from anywhere and clearly present it so informed decisions can be made.

The enLink range covers many sensors and devices that make it easy to acquire data for actionable insights. All these devices share the same key advantages:

  • LoRa long range wireless – gives a wireless range of up to 16km, with deep in building penetration of 1—2 km without repeaters.
  • LoRaWAN – sends the data reliably and securely via the Internet to enVision (or third party) dashboard for display and analysis.
  • Low power – in most cases the devices can be battery powered for many years of unattended operation.
  • Simple to use and configure – all enLink devices share the same simple configuration. Just plug into the USB connector onboard each device and any PC, Mac or other device with a terminal window can view key device and wireless information and change parameters using a simple menu. Once online, parameters can be updated over the air for easy reconfiguration.

All enLink devices are available in 868MHz and 915MHz frequencies for use in various regions of the world.

Sensor or device data is sent to enLink Hub gateway via long range LoRa wireless. The enLink Hub then logs and securely transfers the data to the cloud / internet using either 3G/4G cellular data or via the onboard Ethernet connection. Data can be analysed using Synetica’s enVision IoT platform or other third party internet connected applications

Long Range Wireless Links your data to the cloud / internet without the need for repeaters
Visualise and analyse your data using enVision on desktop and mobile devices or other IoT platform

enLink Configuration Menu

Each enLink device has a micro USB connector onboard for simple device setup and monitoring.

Any PC, Mac or other device with a terminal application can be used to view key wireless and device parameters. Each device has common screens for wireless parameters plus a set of menus specific to the device function, so for example enLink Modbus has simple menus to configure the Modbus communication parameters and Modbus data types and allows the interpreted device or meter data to be displayed for instant verification.

This simple approach ensures that the enLink device is properly configured and retrieving the correct data before any wireless transmission, dramatically reducing the commissioning time on site and ensuring that the entire system is setup correctly in one go.

Key LoRa wireless parameters such as signal strength, transmit power, data rate and network keys can be viewed and edited using the simple menus. Setting up a wireless network has never been easier.

Case Studies incorporating enLink devices