enVision IoT Platform

Getting your data is only half the story, the real benefits of the data are in what it reveals about your environment or how your facility is operating.

Synetica’s IoT platform, enVision is a comprehensive and user-friendly data visualisation and analysis solution, providing an extensive range of tools and techniques for managing all aspects of energy and environmental data in real time.

Using the latest web technologies, enVision presents your data in a format which is both highly graphical and immediately accessible to all levels of user.

Data is automatically imported from any source and analysed with built in functions for Energy Efficiency, Carbon Emissions or Costs.

Real Time Custom Dashboards

Create custom dashboards and views in seconds with simple point & click configuration. Select from a range of built in gadgets to present your data just the way you want to identify issues, spot trends, verify savings and show Key Performance Indicators.

Visualise your data in raw format, or apply calculations to scale or transform the  data or apply tariffs to reveal cost or carbon footprint and drill down through a variety of aggregation intervals to reveal complex relationships and actionable insights.

Gadgets automatically refresh to constantly show information in real time.

A wide selection of gadgets and visualisation themes are available to present your data in the most appropriate format, select from line, area, bar, stacked bar, 100% stacked bar, pie, doughnut and sortable tables.

Security profiles allow dashboards to be tailored to specific roles such as CFO, maintenance staff, sustainability manager etc.

Custom Automated Reporting

enVision features powerful automated reporting capabilities to publish and share information on your energy, environmental and asset performance. Reports are selected from a wide range of templates and customised by selecting parameters.

Flexible scheduling options automatically create and distribute your reports based on time and date, or on exceptions which generate reports based on custom defined alert parameters such as excessive night-time consumption and cost, or Ozone levels going beyond a threshold.

Mobile Applications

enVision also has mobile apps for iOS and Android devices that connect to your enVision data.

Explore charts and tables of data including air quality, energy usage and cost from electric, gas, heat and water meters on your mobile device. Data may be viewed at daily, weekly, monthly and yearly resolution, with pinch to zoom functionality so you can drill down to visualise and explore your timeline data quickly and efficiently.

Automated Billing

Create stylised billing reports to automate the process of tenant billing.

Billing reports can be automatically created and distributed with parameters for tariff, standing charges billing date range etc.

Simply click the image to see a more detailed breakdown of the automated billing report.

Case Studies incorporating enVision