LoRaWAN Technology

Our enLink wireless products use a revolutionary new wireless technology called LoRaWAN.
LoRa and LoraWAN belong to the category of non-cellular LPWAN wireless communication network protocols, operating in the license-free spectrum. LoRa is the physical layer which enables the long-range communication link. LoRaWAN provides the extra layers to provide large scale Wide Area Networking.

We have been working with all kinds of wireless technologies for decades, licensed bands, unlicensed, meshed, powerline etc and LoRa is the first wireless protocol that really delivers in all the areas where it matters, the range is phenomenal, and the power requirements are extremely low, allowing devices to run for many years using standard batteries.

It truly is a game changing technology, which allows you to position devices exactly where you need them with minimal infrastructure and no disruption.

For those who like a bit more detail…

LoRa: Long range, low power two-way wireless platform is the prevailing technology choice for building IoT networks worldwide. It has the following attributes:

Long Range
Connects devices up to 30 miles apart in rural areas and penetrates dense urban or deep indoor environments

Low Cost
Reduces infrastructure investment, battery replacement expense, and ultimately operating expenses

Low Power
Requires minimal energy, with prolonged battery lifetime of up to 10 years, minimizing battery replacement costs

Offers device interoperability and global availability of LoRaWAN networks for speedy deployment of IoT applications anywhere

Features end-to-end AES128 encryption, mutual authentication, integrity protection, and confidentiality

Enables GPS-free tracking applications, offering unique low power benefits untouched by other technologies

Maintains communication with devices in motion without strain on power consumption

High Capacity
Supports millions of messages per base station, meeting the needs of public network operators serving large markets

All enLink LoRa devices are also LoRaWAN enabled. LoRaWAN (LoRa Wide Area Network) is a set of features and capabilities that takes the local wireless device data and transports it across the Internet.

LoRaWAN supports large networks with millions of devices and it is being compared to the 3G and 4G coverage for smartphones.

Wireless Technology Range Power Requirement Bandwidth
LoRa Very Long Very Low Low
3G / 4G Very Long Very High High
Wi-Fi Short Very High Very High
Bluetooth Very Short Low / Very Low Low / Medium
Country Frequency Plan Channel Frequency
Australia AU 915-928 915MHz
Brazil US 902-928MHz” 915MHz
EU EU 863-870MHz 868MHz
Mexico US 902-928MHz 915MHz
New Zealand AU 915-928 915MHz
Russia EU 863-870MHz 868MHz
Saudi Arabia EU 863-870MHz 868MHz
South Africa EU 863-870MHz <868MHz/td>
United Arab Emirates (UAE) EU 863-870″ 868MHz
United States of America US 902-928MHz 915MHz

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