Brighton & Hove City Council

2017 – 2019

Awards & Mentions
  • Energy Manager of the Year
  • PSS Sustainability Manager of the Year
  • ISEP Gold Award in 2016
  • PSS Best Energy Management award
  • Real Time Electricity Monitoring
  • Real Time Gas  Monitoring
  • Real Time Water Consumption

Digital Health Living Lab

A unique testbed for products and services that have the potential to improve welfare services, reduce financial pressure to public sector services and to enable healthy living as a whole

Brighton and Hove City Council selected Synetica’s enLink Zone and enLink Air wireless air quality sensors for their project using the Internet of Things (IoT) devices to help enable healthy living.


Brighton & Hove City Council

The project will allow the council to fully assess the effects of building improvement works by using enLink Zone sensors to measure temperature and humidity levels before, during and after the work. In addition, the data is available to the residents via a mobile app, allowing them to see temperature and humidity levels inside and outside their dwellings.

As many of the residents are elderly and some have disabilities, the system can generate alerts if the residents are unable to effectively maintain temperature and humidity levels within their homes as this presents significant health risks:

  • Black mould is the result of high humidity over an extended period and is associated with respiratory illness and chronic fatigue.
  • Where a property is occupied, unusually low temperatures ( < 18°C ) over a period can be an early warning sign of fuel poverty.
  • Sustained temperatures of below 16°C are associated with increased vulnerability to infection in the over 60 age group.

Alerts can be triggered and sent to the property management team or a care visitor via email or Skype® message depending on urgency.

All data is clearly presented within the Synetica enLink IoT platform, which also provides data to a custom mobile app developed by the council’s Digital First division. The app not only displays the resident’s temperature and humidity data, but also suggests changes such as opening a window when humidity get too high for a period.

An enLink Air wireless air quality monitor is positioned in the public areas to measure other key air quality data:

• Temperature
• Humidity
• Light level
• Particulates PM2.5
• Particulates PM10
• VOC’s
• Oxygen
• Barometric pressure

The information collected allows the council to compare the following key data to assess performance of the facility, pre, during and post works:

• kWh of gas used per year.
• Temperature (warmer / longer)
• Run time of boilers
• Repairs monitoring
• Energy use
• Cost of heating individual blocks
• EPC ratings
• Tenant feedback
• Behavioural changes
• External conditions (seasonal data)

Key benefits:

• Early detection and intervention of Fuel Poverty
• Notification of heating plant failures
• Prevention of black mould

"Alerts can be triggered and sent to the property management team or a care visitor via email or Skype® message depending on urgency."

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