enLink Air - LoRa Wireless Air Quality Monitor

The enLink Air LoRa wireless Air Quality Monitor is a precision instrument which accurately measures up to 14 key environmental parameters including Temperature, Humidity, Light Level, VOC’s, Carbon Dioxide, Particulate Matter (PM2.5 & PM10), Oxygen, Sound Level, Barometric Pressure, plus up to 4 plug-in calibrated gas sensors from a range of over 200 gases / sensitivities.

Real-time readings are transmitted to the cloud using long range LoRa wireless, where the data can be visualised and analysed.


As standard, enLink Air is supplied with the following 10 sensors



Light level






Particles PM2.5

Particles PM10

enLink Air has the capacity for up to 4 additional plug-in gas sensors from a range of over 200 gases / sensitivities. The plug-in gas sensors are supplied as factory calibrated units together with calibration certificate.

The plug-in gas sensors have the added advantage that at the end of their life they can be easily replaced with new calibrated sensors through the detachable sensor cover plate.

As an advancement on traditional electrochemical sensors, enLink Air uses the latest optical gas sensing technologies where available with the benefit of:

  • High precision
  • Superior accuracy
  • Dramatically extended operating life
  • No sensor drift
  • Non depleting technology
  • Maintenance free
  • Digital output

The optical O2 and CO2 sensors have a life expectancy of >5 years and >15 years respectively, compared with under 12 months for traditional sensors.

All enLink Air sensors are fully digital, factory calibrated devices.

imac background

The case for enLink Air is designed to be aesthetically pleasing with a depth of just 40mm. The enclosure is manufactured from high grade Aluminium, which is glass bead blasted and anodised for a superlative finish. Vents are precision CNC machined to maximise airflow and embossed with the enLink logo. The plastic end caps are manufactured from ASA+PC-FR which has good UV resistance and high flame resistance.

To enable ceiling or wall mounting options the unit features a long life, whisper quiet fan to draw air through the enclosure for sampling and measurement. The fan is automatically controlled to run only when required, extending it’s lifespan and reducing the build-up of any dust within the unit.


End to end from measurement to analysis

Air Quality and environmental data is sent to the cloud via long range LoRa wireless. Data can be analysed using Synetica’s enVision energy platform or other third party application.

Air Quality Readings Sent Via Long range LoRa wireless
Long Range Wireless Links your data to the cloud / internet without the need for repeaters
Visualise and analyse your data using enVision on desktop and mobile devices or other IoT platform

Case Studies incorporating enLink Air

John Lennon Airport

1st August 2018