enLink Status-L – LoRa Wireless Leak Sensor

enLink Status-L detects the presence of water leaks, flooding and condensation using water detection cable. Leakage or moisture is detected over the entire length of the cable, various cable lengths are available to facilitate leakage sensing over a wide area.

When a leak is detected, a message is transmitted using long range LoRa wireless to generate an alarm so early action can be taken.

enLink Status-L uses a sensitive sensor cable to detect water leakage anywhere along the length of the cable and send an alert for up to 16km using long range LoRa wireless. Heartbeat messages are sent periodically to provide assurance that the system is operating correctly.

Long life battery power enables simple, low cost installation for a variety of applications including data centers, offices, hospitals, museums and plant rooms.

Water Leak Cable Characteristics

  • Material: Stainless 316
  • Resistance: 7 Ohms/metre
  • Overall diameter: 3.5mm
  • Length; 5, 10, 15, 20 & 25m
  • Sensing area: entire length
  • Max length: 200m
  • Signal cables: 0.5mm2
  • Leader cable: 3m

Data can be received by any LoRaWAN compliant gateway or enLink Hub to forward data to the Cloud where it can be analysed using enVision or third-party applications.

When used with enLink Hub, sensor data can be sent via long range LoRa wireless and converted to Modbus IP register values for integration with EMS/BMS, SCADA or monitoring equipment.

enLink Status-L is also available with an additional seal to achieve IP66 (NEMA4) protection.

Battery Powered

  • Battery life 3+ years*
  • Can be installed in minutes

Easy installation & setup

  • Compact size 129mm x 67mm x 41mm
  • Available in 868MHz and 915MHz frequencies.
  • LED Leak detect indicator
  • LED Signal strength indicator
  • LED Battery level indicator
  • Full configuration and monitoring via USB
  • Available with IP67 (NEMA 4X, 13) seal


Typical applications include

  • Water leak detection
  • Data Centre water leak monitoring
  • Plant room leak monitoring
  • Restricted area leak monitoring
  • Document storage leak monitoring

Case Studies incorporating enLink Status-L Sensors


9th August 2018